Dhow Harbour

Visitors to Dhow Harbour in Kuwait, get to see the old sailing ships and dhows that were used for coastal trading, fishing, and pearl diving in the past. Visitors also get to on-board the ship named Fateh El-kheir (brings good fortune). The ship is the largest, and last surviving wooden dhow. The is located behind the Scientific Complex at Al-Ard area.

Kuwait, with its rich history of business, was particularly famous for maritime business, and the ships used were locally called as Dhows in Kuwait. These lovely ships were used by pearl divers to obtain the best quality pearls from the Arabian Gulf. Prior to discovery of oil, this was one of the main trade activities in Kuwait.

These dhows were of different types and kinds. The larger ones had more than 30 crews, while the smaller ones had about 12 crews. The various types of dhows used in Kuwait are Baghlah, Battil, Ghanjah and Badari. The dhow used for peal diving was called Ghawas, and the Sanbouk was another type of dhow used for pearl diving.

Some of the famous dhows in Kuwait are Fath al Kareem, Al Muhalab, Muhammedi, Al-Abdullah, and Sanbouk al-Jalahma. The Dhow Harbour is one of the places to visit, if you are interested in getting more information about the dhows in Kuwait.