Doha Village in Kuwait

Doha Village is a place to visit for those interested in gaining some information about the glorious trading history of Kuwait. Doha Village was famous for construction of fishing and dhows units during the past. Therefore, visiting Doha Village is like returning to history of Kuwait. Visitors get to view the dhows and boats manufacturing units. Traditional miniatures of dhows are sold to collectors and tourists here.

During the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, the Doha Village was looted and fortified by the Iraqi army. But, after liberation of Kuwait, Doha Village was re-built, but the number of dhows here has reduced, as dhows are no longer used for any trading purposes.

In 1984, it was decided that Doha Village would be changed into an Entertainment City, and therefore, a small theme park was built in Doha Village, located 20kms north-west of Kuwait. The Entertainment City offers immense scope for enjoyment, offering several rides and games to entertain the crowds.